Passionfruit & Pistachio Slice

This is a really useful slice.  Its quite grown up looking with the addition of pistachios, but is so simple to make and easy to keep. There’s a list of great things about this slice – you don’t need to turn the oven on so it’s perfect for summer; it freezes well so is good to have on hand for unexpected guests; it keeps in the fridge for a few weeks (or longer if you hide it behind the wilting cabbage!); it’s quick and easy to make and oh, did we mention it is delicious!!


We know pistachios can be hard to find and tend toward the expensive side, but our attempts to substitute other nuts were mediocre (at best!). There’s just something about the pistachios that adds that little bit extra to this tasty morsel, so it’s worth the extra few dollars spent on pistachios. This recipe makes a generous size slice (20cm x 30cm brownie tin size) and you really do only need a small square, as it packs a punch flavour wise.

We use raw shelled pistachios, which can be found in the baking section of most supermarkets.


There’s not a lot more to say about this slice – you just crush the biscuits and nuts in the food processor and mix the rest in! Refrigerate while you make the icing. The icing has four tablespoons of passionfruit pulp, fresh if you can get it, or from the dessert aisle of the supermarket (we have experimented with both and don’t think there’s a noticeable difference using store bought).


Passionfruit and Pistachio Slice



2 x 250 grams packets Superwine (or similar shortbread type biscuits), crushed

3/4 cup pistachio nuts, chopped

1 x 395 gram tin sweetened condensed milk

200 grams butter, melted


2 cups icing sugar

50 grams butter, softened

4 tablespoons passionfruit pulp (fresh or packaged)

Milk to mix

Grease your tin (20 x 30 cms approximately).

Mix together all the ingredients for the base and press into the prepared tin. Refrigerate while you make the icing.

Mix together the softened butter and icing sugar, then add the passionfruit and enough milk to mix to a spreadable consistency. Spread over the base then put back in the fridge for at least two hours.  Cut into desired size.  Best kept in the fridge.


Recipe from A Good Baking Day

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I Bake, You Cook

We are Abby and Leigh, two friends in the kitchen. After years of feeding family and friends, the odd school fundraiser and numerous requests for recipes, we decided it was time to share some of our favourites.

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