Kiwi Cheese Rolls

These cheese rolls are a New Zealand classic.  They make a great light lunch, after school snack, a side to soup or even a main dish.  We were debating what to call them as most New Zealanders know them as Southland cheese rolls.  However we were introduced to them in Wanganui!  But to cover all our bases, we have called them Kiwi Cheese Rolls.


These cheese rolls are the best version we have found and are fantastic hot or cold.  They are great comfort food for cold days.

The recipe uses 250 grams of cheese.  We used tasty cheese in this recipe but edam works equally well.  Just use whatever you have on hand.   Any sandwich sliced bread is good to use, and we leave the crusts on – it’s just easier.

When assembling the rolls, we find it helps to add a smear of butter to the outside edge that you are rolling to – it helps to get the roll to stick together.  Feel free to double this recipe and freeze the extra.

If you are not from New Zealand these rolls might sound a bit strange, but they are definitely worth a try as they are strangely delicious!

Kiwi Cheese Rolls


250 grams grated cheese

1 small onion, finely chopped

200 ml evaporated milk

1/2 packet of onion soup mix – powdered

1/2 loaf of sandwich sliced bread (approx.)


Preheat your oven to 200 degrees. Lightly grease your dish.

Combine the cheese, onion, evaporated milk and soup mix in a small saucepan.  Melt over a low heat until the mixture is thick and smooth.  Cool for ten minutes.

Spread the cooled mixture over the bread, leaving one edge uncovered.  Roll towards the uncovered edge, smearing this edge with a fine spread of butter to hold the roll together.

Place in oven proof tray or dish and bake till golden brown, approx. 10 min.  If you like you can spread the top with a light smear of butter to ensure a golden brown finish.




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I Bake, You Cook

We are Abby and Leigh, two friends in the kitchen. After years of feeding family and friends, the odd school fundraiser and numerous requests for recipes, we decided it was time to share some of our favourites.

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